How to download videos from YouTube on iPhone and iPad?

There are several different ways to download videos from YouTube on iPhone and iPad. Most of them require you to perform certain actions on a computer that many people are not satisfied. In this guide, we talked about how to download YouTube videos on the iPhone and iPad without the need for a computer.

Just note that the application Documents 5, which is used to download videos is absolutely free. Some users are already well acquainted with him, because it allows Documents 5 one of the most convenient ways to download and view documents on your Apple mobile devices.

How to download videos from YouTube on iPhone and iPad

  1. Copy to clipboard link to YouTube-the video you want to download to your iPhone or iPad. You can do this in Safari, and in the official YouTube iOS-app.
  2. Download and install the free app Documents 5.
  3. Run Documents 5, select a browser tab and go to It is a free resource that allows you to download videos from YouTube in different formats.
  4. In the search box enter the URL of video, you copied in the first step and click GO!
  5. On the next page, click on the Download button next to the desired format in the download section of the same name. Videos can even download a music file.
  6. After downloading it will appear in the video folder «Documents» → «Downloads». Right here, you can view a video using the built-in Documents 5 player.

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