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Many users call the game GTA: Vice City a real phenomenon. Entertainment was released for the tenth anniversary of the release. The developers decided to show users how far the technology has advanced over this period of time.

The first versions of the game in the distant 2000s were available only on stationary computers, now everyone can easily download entertainment to a tablet or phone.

Entertainment decoration
The events unfold against the backdrop of a sultry beach, the scorching sun and girls rollerblading along the picturesque coast. The heroes of the plot are as much as possible modified by the manufacturers. They now look realistic.

It is also worth paying attention to hiking specials. effects. Improved lighting and additional animation tweaks allow you to penetrate the atmosphere of the events in the game and fully immerse yourself in an exciting adventure.

Game interface
Game control is convenient and intuitive. It will be easy to understand the functionality. The version of the game is adapted for touch screens. The controls are responsive and easy to get used to from the very first minutes. The virtual stick is responsible for the movement of the protagonist. During the ride, he is removed, but in its place two pointers appear to the left and to the right.

The user can independently create his own playlist or use a ready-made selection, which is provided by the developers. Save the game is only available if the hero gets to the hotel, where he needs to leave a record.

The popular game GTA: Vice City is fun worthy of your attention. The mobile option is a great opportunity to get acquainted with it and try yourself as a brave fighter for justice. An interesting plot and a large number of functions make it possible to diversify the adventure and prevent the gamer from downloading.

A multifunctional game where there is a place for logic, drive and courage, will appeal to many modern users. The developers made sure that the gameplay was easy and the journey fascinating.

Download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK

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