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Minecraft Pocket Edition — The port is familiar, perhaps, almost all microptera. With it, your favorite cubic «sandbox» will always be with you in your pocket!

Features of gameplay

Before you, we can say, the best «sandbox» of all time. As expected, immediately after the start of the game you can create your own world. There are several game modes, including «survival» and «creative». In the first case, you will need to fight for their existence, and in the second – you will be able to realize all their creativity.

In Minecraft pocket Edishn also provides the ability to play with other players on the network.

Minecraft Pocket Edition


Pixel art is what sets the legendary sandbox apart from the rest. This style has already been borrowed by many other developers, but Minecraft will always remain a pioneer. Everything around your character, like himself, will consist of many squares.

At first, it is very difficult to get used to this, but then it is even difficult to imagine that everything could be somehow different. The game is perfectly optimized, so you can enjoy pixel graphics even on the weakest mobile devices running Android.

It is also worth noting the presence of sound. It is made at the highest level, like almost everything else. Jumping, hitting and stuff – it all sounds like it’s happening in real life.

Below You can download for Android not only the original version of the game Minecraft pocket Edition (Minecraft Pocket Edition), but also with the mod for free!

Free Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK

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