How to install mods for Minecraft PE on Android?

On October 21 studio Mojang released a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Android. One important innovation was the official support for add-ons (modifications). Together with the release of an Maynkraft 0.16.0 developers have released two major modifications that can already be installed on the mobile version.

Where to download the official mod for Minecraft PE

At the moment, two add-ons for Minecraft PE 0.16.0 are available from the official developer Mojang:

  • Alien Invasion — a world with interesting futuristic locations where the alien invasion.
  • Castle Siege — world with a lock, which must be protected from hordes of monsters.

The main problem with installation modifications for MCPE official on Android is that they extend from the extension .mcworld, which is used in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, but is not supported on Android. Therefore, to install the downloaded modes, you must do a number of simple steps.

Addon installation instructions:

  1. Use the file manager. We recommend Solid Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you save the downloaded modification (mostly Download in the internal memory).
  3. Select the file with the modifications .mcworld. Call the additional menu and there select «Rename». Change the extension to .zip, to get the files.
  4. Select the resulting file, and copy it.
  5. Now go to the internal memory, and then in the games folder → com.mojang → behavior_packs. Insert here the copied file.
  6. Further press on the file to open it. Navigate to the folder behavior_packs. There is Castle_Siege_Behavior or another folder (depending on mode). Copy it and return to the behavior_packs folder. Paste the copied folder in the directory.
  7. Next, copy or cut previously moved here archive with the mod. Return to com.mojang catalog and navigate to the folder minecraftWorlds.
  8. Here, without an insert, create a new folder with any name. Let it be the Castle. Go to it and paste the copied file.
  9. Reopen the file by tap on it, call the sub-menu, and then click «Remove.» A menu will appear with directories. «Select» Go on the road games → com.mojang → minecraftWorlds → Castle (you created a folder) and click the button.
  10. Unpack archive. After that you want to delete from the directory folder and the original behavior_packs archive with the mod.

All is ready!

The installation process of similar mods with the extension .mcworld is similar. Likewise, you can install add-ons with the extension .zip, but then you just need to skip the first three points of the instructions.

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