Dark Souls 3 – errors and other problems in the Ashes of Ariandel

Ashes of Ariandel is the first supplement for Dark Souls 3, which, though it happened relatively recently, but has already managed to bring players around the world a lot of errors and problems. In this guide we will try to describe the solution to most of them.

No NPC on the PS4?

Restore license (PS4 settings > PlayStation Network / Account Management> License Recovery)

Start the game

Go to the «Temple of Fire» and talk with someone

Return to the «Cleaning Chapel»

Unable to download Ashes of Ariandel version PC Deluxe Edition?

Uncheck Season Pass DLC from the list in the main library window

Restart Steam

Ashes of Ariandel freezes on a PC?

Do not use two monitors

Close all background applications

Try to reduce the graphics settings

Found a mistake? Highlight the text and press Ctrl + Enter

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