How to fix Error 0xc000007b in No Man’s Sky?

In this article we are going to consider all possible solutions to solve 0xc000007b error for No Man’s Sky. We recommend you to read this article for resolving this issue.

How to fix error code 0xc000007b in No Man’s Sky?

Method 1

Install Directx latest version with the help of DirectX End-User Runtimes, that you can find on Microsoft official site.

Method 2

Download Dll file here – Extract and copy file X3DAudio1_7.dll to No Man’s Sky installation directory. Run No Man’s Sky, in case of failure, try method 3.

Method 3

Download Dependency Walker 64bit here –

In program, follow the path: View > Full paths. There open No Man’s Sky.exe, where you will see error, but ignore it, as there will be many different «Error openning file» errors provided in Module section, until errors end to see some values located in columns.

In CPU column all connected dll files must be x64 for No Man’s Sky. In case of having x86 dll file you will find it in red CPU column. It is the file that causes 0xc000007b error and also prevents game from launch.

Follow to to download 64bit version of needed dll file and paste it to No Man’s Sky installation directory. Now game should start without problems. 

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