How to fix error Delta 20000984 in Tom Clancy’s The Division?

Error Delta 20000984 quite common and occurs in many of the owners of the game Tom Clancy’s The Division «The Division services are not available at this time. Please try again later. Delta 20000984». 

Delta 20000984

How to solve error Delta 20000984?

Method 1

If you have Steam version of the game, you need to check the game cache in steam. Once on your computer will download the necessary files, the error 20000984 Delta more than you will not be disturbed.

This article will be updated when more solutions will be found.

Method 2

Error 20000984 DELTA can be solved by restarting the game or restart the computer.

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  1. qsa 09.03.2016 in 01:37

    this is not helping at all because 1. you lose game progress and sync and 2. the problem will be the same after 10 minutes. i got my money back from the local store and downloaded a crack uplay version and load up some hacks. time to punish the noob company and fuck up the community. wp ubishit.

    • KLSA 10.03.2016 in 00:01

      You go through all of that for a game that just basically launched? It almost seems as if you never intended to keep it and waited until a cracked version came out.

  2. Fons Karssemakers 10.03.2016 in 00:27

    I found a fix!

    Dont leave game while in a group make the groupleader kick you and you can login again 

    Have fun guys ! 

    • Goz 12.03.2016 in 00:32

      That worked for me and the guys!! thank you!! 

  3. Mjp 11.03.2016 in 20:16

    I have a ps4 and basically every 3 minutes i just get kicked out of the game  and this error pops up…

    • LintyAtom 12.03.2016 in 19:03

      The same thing is happening to me but on the Xbox one. Not sure how to fix this problem.

  4. Erik 12.03.2016 in 01:20

    Yea i got a ps4 and it keeps kicking me out every five minutes i start the game

  5. Jugger 12.03.2016 in 06:33

    «Once on your computer will download the necessary files, the error 20000984 Delta more than you will not be disturbed.»

    Maybe try that again but in English?

    • Nathan 13.03.2016 in 16:19

      Yes… i’m just going to restart and hope it does the trick

  6. Mason 16.03.2016 in 02:31

    This is very frustrating and I hope Ubisoft takes care of it soon and fast 

  7. Alex 16.03.2016 in 09:33

    Still can’t play

  8. Cluck 17.03.2016 in 05:43

    I had the same problem since day 2. I could only log in for a maximum of 1 minute before getting disconnected by delta error 20000984.
    Today I think I finally found a work around after trying everything suggested on this forum and other forums, Reddit, Youtube, and all.

    I downloaded one of these latency or ping decreasing applications and the game suddenly started working again. Granted I only tried playing
    for an hour. The application I used is called pingzapper but I only tried their free trial and never subscribed but it seems to work fine. There are
    many other similar applications but this is the only one I tried. So guys give it a try and share your experiences please.

    • Arup 18.03.2016 in 20:29

      Cluck you said that the pingzapper made it possible for you to play Tom clancy’s The Division. I am also having Delta 20000984 error and I am not even able to start the game after the dark winter video where a biologist kind of a person was dipping a drop of virus over the Doller. After that it showed me the error. Will this Pigzapper work for me


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