How to fix Hitman 6 Game Crashes or Freezing?

In this article we will examine all possible ways of solving crashes and freezing in the game Hitman 6. In case you did not helped neither a way to write about it in the comments.

Method 1

Hitman 6 there is a problem with Directx 12 for this reason the game may not work correctly and crashes, freezing. Therefore, in most cases, switching to Directx 11 solves all the problems.

Also make sure you have the latest version of drivers for video cards.

Method 2

If the Hitman 6 crashes as soon as you launch it, then the below workaround helped fix the issue for some users,

  1. Right click on the Hitman 6 in steam library
  2. Select Properties – Set Launch Options
  3. Insert this text: -SKIP_LAUNCHER
  4. Now when you launch the game, it opens in windowed mode
  5. Press Alt+Enter to make it Fullscreen

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2 комментария
  1. Justin 23.03.2016 in 01:13

    Im using Directx 11 and have all updated drivers.  Nothing in this tiny stub of an article helped at all.  Also there is no word MEDOT in the English language, I believe you meant method.

  2. lol 28.06.2016 in 21:31



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