How to fix MIKE 20220360 error in Tom Clancy’s The Division?

Starting from few days ago many players started to complain about the existence of MIKE 20220360 error in Tom Clancy’s The Division. In this article we present all possible solutions that can fix this issue.

MIKE 20220360

Actually there is no actual solution for this problems as it is connected with the Ubisoft servers. Thus the only possible thing to do is to wait until servers will restore work correctly.

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  1. Jon 20.03.2016 in 07:32

    Try quitting the game application itself and then restarting. It’s worked for me. 

  2. reality 20.03.2016 in 16:55

    click bait piece of shit

  3. 21.03.2016 in 06:33

    Fuck you ubisoft you pieces of shit how about you fix the fucking server errors you dumbass cents

  4. Ead 21.03.2016 in 07:02

    Great game till all sudden mwik 20240136 and delta .. codes started popping up 2 weeks into playing on ps4 

  5. Kirk 21.03.2016 in 07:16

    Worked great love the game. Logged off to eat try to log back on, boom codes galore now I can’t get back in sucks but oww well.

  6. Zach 21.03.2016 in 07:17

    This is bullshit. Can’t even enjoy the game because of the damn error codes.

  7. BorisBritva 20.05.2016 in 23:13

    Да заебали запилите уже серваки твари!:( fix the servers mfk

  8. KC8DKT 20.05.2016 in 23:14

    For PC users just Quit the game (ALT+F4) then close UPlay. Wait about 30sec. then start the game (not UPlay).

    • Abdul 20.05.2016 in 23:34

      Not working.


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