How to Disable Ads in uTorrent?

uTorrent is deservedly one of the most popular torrent clients due to its simplicity, ease of use, and easy familiarity. However, for many the question arises of how to disable ads in of uTorrent, which, though not too intrusive, but can interfere you.

How to disable advertising in uTorrent?

So, to disable advertising, start uTorrent and open the main application window, and then go to Settings — Preferences (Ctrl + P).

Select the «Advanced» menu in the window that opens. You should see a list of the variables used uTorrent settings and their values. If any of the selected values «true» or «false» (in this case, conventionally, can be translated as «on» and «off»), at the bottom you can switch this value. Just switching can be done by simply double clicking on a variable.

Disabling values in advanced settings

To quickly find variables, you can enter a part of their name in the «Filter». So, the first step is to switch all of the following variables to the value False.











Then click «OK», but not in a hurry, in order to fully remove all the ads need to do one more step.

Hidden settings in uTorrent

In the main uTorrent window, hold down the Shift + F2, and then, holding them, go to Preferences — Advanced. This time you will see there other hidden by default. From these settings, you must disable the following:





After that, click OK, exit uTorrent (not just close the window, namely exit — Exit — File menu). And run the program again, this time you’ll see uTorrent without advertising, as required.

Hopefully, the procedure described above, it was not too difficult. If after all this is not for you, then there are simpler solutions, such as blocking advertising using third-party software, such as Pimp My uTorrent or AdGuard (also blocks ads on websites and in other programs).

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