How to disable Fn key on a laptop?


Holding down Fn key with an additional symbol, you can adjust volume, backlight, turn on the battery saving mode. However, sometimes this key prevents, especially if in the process of reinstalling Windows something has gone wrong, or if you just want to have access to the desired function without additional clicks.

How to disable Fn key on a laptop?

How to disable Fn key on a laptop?

  1. Pressing the Fn key leads to the execution of functional role buttons F1-F12. If this option is stopping you from typing and working at a computer, you can turn it off by holding down both Fn and Num Lock.
  2. If you press this key combination and it still performs its function, read the manual use of laptop or keyboard, locate the appropriate section, to learn about the key features. Try to serach for solution on the internet forums on your device.
  3. Turn off Fn on Toshiba laptops with special utility HDD Protector. Download the application from the official website of the manufacturer and make the installation by following the instructions.
  4. Run the program and go to the tab «Optimization», which will be transferred to utilities for devices connected to a laptop. Click «Accessibility Options.» In the window that opens, uncheck «Use Fn key» and save the changes by clicking Ok.
  5. For disabling this option appropriate option in BIOS is also responsible. To access the configuration utility when the notebook is turned on, hold F10 button. If nothing happens after the click, try to press another key — often its name is written at the bottom of the screen or download the manual for the device.
  6. Among all the settings scroll to Active Key Mode and set its value to Disable. This function is responsible for the multimedia keys. Save the changes and wait for loading the operating system. The Fn key is deactivated.

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