Death Stranding Guide — how to get chiral crystals?


Death Stranding has various resources available for collection, but one of the most important is chiral crystals. However, you can get them far from the very beginning of the game. Below we will tell you more about these materials.

What are chiral crystals?

Chiral crystals are, in essence, deposits scattered across the surface of the world. You will see them if you scan the area using Odradek. Visually identifying a resource is simple: it is a pair of golden bony hands sticking out from under the ground. The picture is a bit like the Fragile Express logo. Crystals are used to upgrade structures, make equipment and other devices that will help you and other players on the network.

How to get chiral crystals?

To get crystals, you first need to complete storyline order number 8 from the second episode of the game. As soon as you complete it, the resource can be collected anywhere in the world. To raise it, you should go to the object and hold the «square» on the controller. Crystals will instantly appear in your inventory.

However, to use the materials for crafting, you will have to deliver them to the processing center of any large settlement to which you have already gained access. Until you do, crystals will be useless. Go to the recycling center, use the terminal, hold the square and select the Claim Materials option. Chiral crystals will be recycled to a used resource. You will have to do this every time you collect new crystals.

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