How to build a bridge in Death Stranding


The main goal of Sam Porter in Death Stranding is «to build bridges across America», but it can be understood literally, because in the game the main character is able to build bridge structures on huge maps, which greatly simplify the study of locations. However, these objects are very expensive, so to build them you will need to help other players online or encourage comrades to help you already.

With the help of bridges, you can cross large rivers and abysses, and this can be done not by foot, but by vehicle. Of all the buildings of the PHC, a simple bridge is one of the best buildings. However, their construction may cause certain problems, so we decided to publish a guide on the construction of bridge structures in the game.

How to build a bridge in Order 10

The construction of the bridge is the task of one of the story missions. It is about Order No. 10, so whether you like it or not, you still have to learn how to build these buildings. Specifically, in this task, the main problem is that you really do not need to lay the foundation yourself, but the game does not say anything about this.

If you go to the indicated area, you will find that the foundation has already been laid. This means that you just need to contribute enough materials to complete the construction. Go to the terminal, then press and hold the Option button. This will open the construction menu, in which you can add the necessary resources and complete the construction.

The problem arises because the game’s user interface does not talk about the difference between simply pressing and holding a button. Therefore, many players come to the terminal, click «Options», and he opens the map. Then they try to lay the foundation, but they also cannot do it, because there is already one.

Construction of simple bridges

In the Distributor to the west of the Capital Node, you will eventually open up the opportunity to build a bridge from your own chemical complex. This PHC works a little differently than other structures — instead of just placing the structure on the map and trying to build it alone, you need to try to build them with the whole community.

The fact is that the construction of the bridge requires a huge amount of metal — 800 units. Once you have installed a bridge or found an object hosted by another player, you can start adding resources to it to complete its construction.

Note: We already talked about this above, but let’s remind you again that you need to hold the “Options” button when you are standing on the first section of the bridge to gain access to the necessary menu. From here you can transfer materials to complete the construction of the building.

Places such as canyons or wide rivers with great depths are difficult to cross with vehicles or with a large amount of cargo. If you place the foundation of the bridge with PHC, then other players will certainly help you complete it, if it is in a place where it will benefit.

To collect the spent metal from any building, go to the delivery terminal and select “Claim for materials”. Usually there is a large supply of reserve resources available for collection in any of the areas associated with the GCA.

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