Sid Meier’s Civilization VI guide for beginners

As one of the largest and most diverse in terms of features episodes in the history of games, Civilization offers virtually unlimited number of exciting gatherings, including all night. Civilization VI — a new part of the franchise, not only with redesigned graphics side, but also made and additional levels of complexity, presenting a significantly reworked AI, combat system, urban development, construction, and diplomacy … in fact, every game mechanics … and, unlike many modern games that are trying to make «easy to learn, difficult to excellence», Civilization has always required patience and brains, regardless of whether the first time you run it, or the hundredth.

#1 Carefully build the capital

It is literally the most important decision in the early stages of the game. Always try to build your first city near the food source and, if possible, close to the hills and rivers. This city will develop faster and more promising future on the expansion of the territory.

Capital — is the starting point of your civilization. If you put it in the desert, open terrain, your further development may slow down. Even the construction of settler may take you more time than is the case with a convenient location. In other words — carefully read the terrain and the surrounding resources, trying to establish the capital so that it covers the most advantageous position in terms of development and protection.

#2 Start with small

Do you want to arrange a match with just 12 civilizations? Not so fast, because the dream of a victory in the first match with a huge map to quickly crumble when you realize that is not very familiar with the workings of Civilization 6. Even if you’ve played in the last series, Civilization VI has a number of systems, which significantly changed.

Small card will allow you to quickly interact with neighbors and city states, allowing you to learn the basics of a new game, applying them on the big map. It will be enough to play at least until the industrial era.

#3 Move!

If you do not know what is around you, you can not take enough rational decisions about what to do next. Each game begins with the soldier that you just have to scour all the surrounding land while you are preparing the scout.

Once you have established the capital, first of all choose the creation of a scout, only then you can think of settlers. When the scout is ready — submit his study area. He has to do it forever … or until it is killed barbarians.

Why is all this necessary? If you know what’s inside the landscape and where the resources are located, you will be able to choose more efficient development of their civilization, as quickly as possible taking on the rich resources in terms of land and blocking for the neighbors.

#4 Kill the barbarians

Barbara in Civilization 6 are more dangerous than in previous games, including because they are traveling on the map more often than in the past. Given their aggressive attitude against your units are not ready to fight, the safest thing to kill them as soon as possible. Best of all, in the early stages to keep soldiers in key positions at the borders, in case of need to crush the invasion of the barbarians on the outskirts. But do not hold to with the soldiers — they all cost money.

#5 Food — top priority

Your civilization and civilization needs meal … — the food. It makes your civilization healthy and motivating growth, where growth — where the development of culture, science and borders. Therefore, the first forces should be thrown at the study and construction in the area of food. This ensures that in the later stages, you will have an advantage on all fronts.

#6 Be careful with the war

It sounds obvious, but worth mentioning. Think thrice before you attack another civilization, especially in the early stages. Before the war off, you should figure out how much and where its troops with whom befriends civilization, what position in the list of civilizations it has, what are your plans for the future.

If you play as a warlord, you should regularly engage in research-governmental technologies at the outset, with new units attacking your opponent, which is not yet examined this area and not built for defense units. And remember, if you are going to fight, with 200 strokes spent on science and culture … then do not embarrass yourself. Please arrange an adequate army, then analyze your chances in battle.

#7 Make friends with the city-states

Trade with the city-states — a great way to earn extra money. And gifts to cities most quickly discover bonuses. Most often, it will be easier to be friends with the cities, instead of the forcible seizure, which could lead to negative attitudes.

In addition, if you have a strong friendship with the city-state, you can persuade them to fight with you. However, note that you will need to make a large part of the forces in the war. City acts more as a trump card.

#8 Production … and the barbarians

In the early stages of the game you will be able to choose his first state course, choosing approaches to military and economic leadership. If you are a beginner, the easiest way to choose a military doctrine, which gives a bonus against Barbarians, and the economy — on the production characteristics.

Since the early stages of the war with its neighbors are unlikely, it is better to have an advantage against accidental loss. With regard to the bonus production, it will have a positive effect throughout the game. The faster production, faster development.

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