No Man’s Sky guide: 10 useful things that you might not know

No Man’s Sky provides a universe of opportunities. Especially if you like crafting, pharming, and hunting for resources. But most importantly — the study of the cosmos. As if you are a pilot of scout ship, which moves to the front to find out for others — and that is hidden in these endless planets. Yes, we know that there 18 quintillion planets, however, with the same success, it could be infinite — so this number is huge.

Like many other games designed for the study, No Man’s Sky gives you only basic information, allowing mechanics to open by yourself. Since these features are not always obvious, in this guide, you will learn 10 things that you could not have known. Note that this is not all — in some other guide we talk about other mechanics.


# 1 Animal Feed

Hello Games have put this feature in the first day of the patch. But it’s not only fun activities as feeding the animals may lead to the discovery of exotic resources such as Omegon or Calium. The bottom line is that if you feed your pet, it can make friends with you. It can just walk up to you, can lead to a place of accumulation of mineral resources … or it goes to a large rare mineral.

# 2 Fly around the planet in orbit, to get to the remote location

Quite often, you’ll need to reach the point at on the same planet on which you are. Walk — this is an obvious suicide — it will take you a very, very long time. Even if you use a jetpack. However, even if you fly the ship, speed is not so impressive. All because of the atmosphere.

To quickly get to the other side of the planet, it is enough to get into space — here you can fly around the planet much faster … for 20 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

# 3 Ship turnover

Another feature added to the first day of the patch — you can hit the brakes and dramatically expand your spaceship. This is especially useful during the battles with pirates … or, if you decide to become a pirate. When you have mastered the basic control of the ship, what can be done in the first couple of minutes, you can try this trick: push on the brakes and turn around as quickly as possible. The turnover will be much faster than if you turn around as usual.

# 4 Sell Atlas Stone for a lot of money

Atlas Stone — one of the mysterious things in the game. You get it after the first meeting with Atlas. And it is very expensive. If you’re lucky, one of the traders will buy it from you for the 65000-70000 units. Since the price varies, do not sell it at the first trader.

# 5 Refuel in space

If you fly on the system and do not want to sit on the planet to gather resources for fueling the impulse engines, you can search for asteroids. After shot at them, you get a pack of Thamium9, which is used for filling. In addition, you can find pieces of copper or gold crystals among asteroids – sell it for a very good amount.

# 6 Sell items to station visitors

A very simple way to make money – is a speculator. Just buy all the things on the market station and sell them to station visitors. Since prices vary, just wait for a good offer and hand over all. It takes a little patience.

# 7 Follow the trade routes to the posts and resources

The planets orbits have a lot of activity. Here you will find ships that move from station to planets. These paths are traced with subtle lines and you can follow them to the landing site of ships. These are not simple, but sometimes you can find the resource deposits or trading posts.

# 8 Shoot the containers and bases

Huge space cargo ships will appear in systems. They are always somewhere in the background, and they are armed to the teeth. The reason for this is good enough — valuable cargo. If you manage to break their cargo bays, then you get a lot of loot. The same works in the case of certain planetary bases. This is very dangerous, but profitable occupation.

# 9 Pick up things after death

Someday death awaits you. You will perish and lost all your belongings. Do not panic — this is normal. No Man’s Sky gives you a second chance — you need to go back to the place where you died — on the planet or in space. Then you can pick up equipment. Note that if you pick something on the path, you won’t  get the old equipment, and you will lose resources.

# 10 Climb walls using a jetpack

Fell into the crater or pit on the planet with no ideas about how to get out of here? You can climb up the edge of the pit using jetpack, and it does not consume fuel. Just move closer to the wall and in the bottom right corner of the message, which indicates to press the button on the jetpack, pulling you up.

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