How to earn Units in No Man’s Sky?

In No Man’s Sky, each player begins the game on own planet in the sector, so we can not offer you any universal way for pharming units — in-game currency. Therefore, in this guide we will tell you about the basic techniques, which should be taken into account if you want to earn a lot of units.

No Man's Sky

# 1 Rare gems

These gems can be found on planets with a high population of Guardians. You can get gem from strange object. You need to approach it and enable to uncover the «kidney». Inside there will be a pearl. After you will se several guards which shall be killed. One pearl is 27,500 units. The most important thing – you can find many «kidneys» in the landing area.

# 2 Gravitino Balls

On some planets you can find gravitational balls — Gravitino Ball. They are particularly noticeable at night. Guardians also appear next. But it’s worth it — every ball can be sold for 27 thousand units.

# 3 Rare resources

Pearls or Gravity balls — it’s only a couple of examples that might look like rare and expensive materials. On other planets, they can take different forms, but the essence remains the same — if you pick up an object, and there are around Guardians, then this item is expensive. Collect it as much as possible and you will become very rich!

# 4 Commercial

The typical approach of supply and demand. Reaching the new system, visit the Trading Terminal to find out what resources are in high demand. Everything pointed with golden star — very valuable. You can create Excel-documents, which will lead accounting systems and the demand for materials to optimize its production, purchase and sale of materials. Buy cheap in one system — sell high in another.

# 5 Analyze the flora and fauna

Reaching a new planet turn on your analytical visor and start scanning everything that comes your way. Every plant and animal have different value. Typically, animals are 2000 units. Plants — 500 units.

# 6 The new system — the new pack’s unit

Similar to the analysis of flora and fauna, by visiting a new system that has not been opened up to you, you will get 5000 units.

# 7 Production of Thamium9

This element is particularly extensive in the asteroids. Just five minutes of production and you will be able to fill the entire cargo bay. After that, go to the system with the high demand for the item.

# 8 Atlas Station

If you open Atlas Station, then go to it to find the Stone of Atlas. A very rare object that can be sold for 70 thousand units.

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