How to Get Poke Ball to Capture a Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO was released recently on iOS and Android OS and its available in the US, Australia and also New Zealand coming soon to other countries too. In this guide we present beginner’s tutorial that will help you to start the game as it should be. This article presents you a short guide that will help you to deal with how to get Poke Balls to Capture a Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

How to get poke balls in Pokemon GO?

Application provides you many different items with which you can start your game or just unlock it much later. Your journey will start with Pokemon Trainer that will teach you how to explode the world. On your way you will find many different PokeStops where you can buy many different items. First, you will receive 50 Poke Balls to start but you shoul know how to use them right to not send them in vain.

Also you should know that you don’t have Pokeballs you can always buy them in the game store for real cash or just to wait for another level up to get reward for some Poke Balls. This features are available in PokeStops batches that can be given in exchange for PokeCoins, so be sure not to miss Blue Symbol on Map.

How to capture a pokemon in Pokemon GO?

So, follow the steps below to catch them:

  1. Find a Pokeball in your Item Bag
  2. You can use your Pokeball as Ultra Ball, Great Ball or Master Ball to deal with Higher Level Pokemons
  3. You will see Target Cell on Pokemon that can help you to capture it. The size of this Target Cell reflects the level capturing difficulty according to certain Pokemon.
  • Green Circle – Best
  • Yellow Circle – Dicy
  • Orange Circle – Tough
  • Red Circle – Hard
  1. Circle can get smaller with time as you can wait until it will be the smallest prior tossing a Pokeball.

In case of difficulties, you also can use Incubators with Pokemon Eggs. Just attach Pokemon Egg to the Incubator until it hatching. By the way, you will find more Incubators in the game later.

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