How to get Atlas stones and make Atlas Pass in No Man’s Sky?

You will often meet bases during flight in No Man’s Sky — on the surface of planets and in space. And on these bases there are closed doors and containers which can be opened only with one subject — Atlas Pass.

What is Atlas Pass? How to get it? It is not specified in the game on the idea of developers. In this guide, you will learn the answers to questions.


How to get the Atlas Pass in No Man’s Sky?

The problem in the early stages of the game is that you find yourself on a strange planet where there are no pointers and global management plans. As a result, even if the you find locked doors and containers in first few hours, you can not open them. Here’s what you need to do to get the Atlas Pass:

Follow the game story, selecting «Atlas Pass», when a sphere around your ship, offers a choice

You will need to leave the planet — it will take to collect the resources to repair the ship and fill it. Do everything in order

Getting into space, follow the basic missions — if you get lost in the public section of the menu, you can find instructions

During the game you will find the Monolith, which points to the Atlas Space Station. If you do not choose the Atlas Pass, these monoliths can be found on their own, get directions

At the station you will see the huge Atlas sphere. Interact with it and get Atlas Stone o and Atlas Pass scheme. It is simple to make it- you need only a couple of basic resources

As you play you will find more stations to give an opportunity to pump the level of Atlas Pass to open new doors and new containers to loot

Note that if you choose not the Atlas Pass in the beginning, the game will be presented in a free form. As a result, it will be more difficult to find a scheme Atlas Pass, as you will need to find something that will point the way to Atlas station — whether Monolith, anomaly or aliens.

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