How to make Warp cell for hyperdrive in No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky — a freedom which, at times, can cause rabies. This are the most free poultry rabies, which could cut the sky, but stuck on a planet, because it needs a certain item crafted.

In the first hours of the game you can experience just that irritation when you need to make a warp-cell to charge the engine for a flight between systems. Since this is the main way to travel across the galaxy, the achievement of its center will require use of a flight at a speed higher than light.

How to make Warp cells in No Man’s Sky?

To make warp-cell you need two key elements that will not necessarily be available at the place where you started the game. Especially if you have focused on the extraction of resources on the surface.

Thamium9 — fairly common element on the planet. Therefore, go into space and look for asteroids — they are very rich in Thamium9. You need 100 units to create a single-cell warp.

Antimatter — the element you want to do first. How to do it — below.

When you have two components, you can craft Warp cell like all the other things. Load the ship’s equipment and run the warp engine.

How to make antimatter in No Man’s Sky

You get the first unit of antimatter from a friendly stranger, as part of the main No Man’s Sky quest. After that production of antimatter completely lies on your shoulders. And you need a lot of antimatter. Fortunately, the alien in the second system, which you will visit, will give you a diagram of antimatter.

To create antimatter, you will need:

1 unit of Electron Vapour — this resource is made from one Suspension Fluid, which can be bought at the stations, as well as 100 units of Plutonium. Electron Vapour crafting is available immediately from the beginning of the game.

50 Heridium units — this resource can be found on the planets, but it can be very rare. Sometimes it can be found as part of a very large rock formations — climb into the ship and fly over the surface of the planet, searching for very large stones. There is a good chance that you will find here a ton of Heridium. Also, it can be bought at the stations, but it is quite expensive.

20 units of Zinc — a common planetary resource. It located everywhere — often from certain plants or in rock. You can also buy at the stations.

Where to find the warp Cells in No Man’s Sky

You can do everything with the cells, not only crafting. From time to time you can get the warp cell as a quest or just to find in the world.


Monoliths — this is one of the most important points on the planet. They are certainly worth a visit. They are able to teach you the alien language, discover a new point on the map, and each interaction reveals part of the story.

Atlas boxes at stations and planets

Another thing that can cause irritation in No Man’s Sky — Atlas passes curse. This thing is pumped as you play by crafting more and more of the best options. But it will not be so easy to get the first. This will be discussed separately. When you got the Atlas-Pass, you can open the door to positions detected on planets containers next to the lighthouse. Many of these include warp cells or other items associated with the fuel.

Form Atlas interfaces

During the game passing, you will encounter a monolith that points to the first Atlas interface in space. By visiting each, you will receive two cells and one Atlas Stone — a very rare object, which we will discuss in the future guide.

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