Easter eggs in Just Cause 3

If you ever played in the Avalanche games, you probably know how much the studio likes to insert a lot of Easter eggs and all sorts of references into their games. Just Cause 3 is no exception. We have already seen the hammer of Thor, hidden in the crater of the volcano. Now it is time for more fun secrets.

Do you remember the Mile High Club in Just Cause 2 — crazy nightclub and brothel on a ship that floats in the sky on balloons? In the video below you can see the ship wrecks and the club banner of the same name. It seems the ship had too much hard drugs. The second easter egg is red bull with blue horns on the side of which you can find a brand of Red Bull. Horned cattle peacefully grazing near the site of the crash and can ride, though stay in the saddle is quite problematic. If you want to take the bull, you can always tie the animal to the helicopter.

We remind you that Just Cause 3 will be released today on all platforms.

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