How to Get Building Materials in Death Stranding — Guide


In Death Stranding, construction plays an important role in gameplay. Thanks to the buildings, you can not only simplify your movement with goods, but also help other players, as well as get likes. For some buildings you need resources. You can find out how to get them in the guide.

Materials include resins, ceramics, special alloys, metals, chemicals and chiral crystals.

Resources can be found in the open world. They can be delivered to the base (in the Recycling menu), as a result of which they will remain there. You can also pick them up at any time. To do this, open the Delivery Terminal, go to the menu «Pick up materials» and take yourself as many resources as there are on the base. By the way, the higher the level of customer confidence in you, the more goods based on them are available to you.

Please note that absolutely all materials are not recommended. Leave 10% of the total amount so that you can make equipment.

In addition, often materials can be obtained from other players. Open the General storage / Receipt of goods in the terminal and check if there are any materials necessary for you.

I would also like to mention chiral crystals — a very important material in Death Stranding, and therefore in no case do not pass by if you see it in the open world. It is not difficult to identify him — he looks like a stone hand and is mainly located where it is raining or has recently rained. In addition, after killing creatures and bosses, chiral crystals will also fall from them, and therefore you can make good money by killing this type of enemy.

Do not forget to use the scanner when moving around locations to understand where chiral crystals are located.

It is worth noting that chiral crystals do not occupy space in your backpack, unlike other materials. Thus, they will not interfere with your movement in the open world.

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