The Outer Worlds Guide — How Holographic Shroud Works


Holographic Shroud is one of the many tools available to the protagonist in the role-playing action game The Outer Worlds. While some situations involve the use of weapons, in other cases other methods can be dispensed with. For example, use a special disguise. Below we will tell you how this technology works.

Holographic Shroud is directly related to the use of the holographic cloak, which you will receive shortly after unlocking the opportunity to leave Edgewater and Emerald Wales. The cloak lies in the captain’s cabin on the Hopeless. Disguise is automatically activated when you enter a restricted area. To do this, it is enough to satisfy the only condition: to find a special certificate of an employee of this territory.

How Holographic Shroud Works?

In general, you will learn briefly about the work of the Holographic Shroud from Phineas Wells, the mad scientist who developed this gadget. In fact, this device allows you to look just like the employees of any protected area for a short time. But, as mentioned above, for this you also need to find a suitable certificate — a kind of card that the device reads.

If there is such a card, then Holographic Shroud will work immediately upon entering the restricted area. You don’t have to press any buttons and keys! It is also important to know that any movement or action gradually reduces masking energy. When the scale at the bottom of the screen is empty, any employee of the closed zone who has noticed you will immediately stop the main character for interrogation. You will be able to pass the test with different skills — lies, intimidation, persuasion, or give the guard a bribe. If everything goes well, then the energy scale for Holographic Shroud will become full again.

The main difficulty associated with the use of Holographic Shroud is the need to search for identities. They are hidden in different parts of the level and look like small key cards. Pick up such an item, after which you can safely enter the restricted control zone.

One of the first cases of applying Holographic Shroud is the Pathfinder. Here you can use the cloak, completing the task of Vicar Max, in which you need to get into the headquarters of the Marines and hack into the room where the terminal with the desired hard drive is located. The headquarters of the Marines is located immediately behind the checkpoint with Corporal Wheeler, and the mask for disguise lies literally near the entrance to the headquarters, on the boxes.

Another example is the medical compartment of the Pathfinder. You will need to get into the infirmary on the Ally’s Worst Contact quest. Fortunately, the certificate again lies nearby — on the table at the entrance.

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