The Outer Worlds Guide — How to Use Tactical Time Dilation


The Outer Worlds can not be called a big role-playing game, but it has certain aspects that increase the diversity of the combat system. Try to master the mechanics of Tactical Time Dilation as soon as possible, and for this you need to understand what debuffs it allows you to get.

You will learn about a Tactical Time Dilation literally from the very beginning of the game. And immediately you can use it. The system works similarly to the Fallout VATS, allowing you to slow down time and attack enemies at vulnerable points. Just press the Q key to activate deceleration. A decreasing purple bar will appear under the health bar in the upper left. While you stand still, the strip is depleted slowly, in movement and during attacks — quickly.

As soon as the strip is exhausted or you press Q again, the deceleration will stop. To reactivate, you have to wait until the bar is filled to a white line on the purple scale. Using tactical slowdown allows you to impose status effects on opponents. This will facilitate the battle with more powerful opponents. For debuffs, you must level up ranged skills to level 20. But melee skills must be pumped to level 40.

We list the status effects:

  • Blind — shoot in the head or use a cold weapon. So you reduce the range of the target and accuracy.
  • Staggering. Shooting a target’s torso, you drop it a short distance, reduce the skills of close and long-range combat. It also increases the amount of physical damage taken.
  • Mutilation. Shoot at the hands of the target or use a weapon with a blade to reduce the damage that the enemy can do.
  • You can cripple the enemy if you shoot him in the legs or attack them with melee weapons with a blade. This will reduce the speed of movement, melee attacks and rate of fire.
  • You can weaken the enemy. To do this, shoot or use the blade, once in the groin area, which will reduce all the skills of the enemy, as well as increase the damage received from plasma, corrosion and radiation.
  • You can achieve the effect of bleeding, for which you need to attack the enemy in the body with cold steel. The effect causes damage over time and reduces the properties of the body. It has no effect on automatons.
  • Knockdown. Hit the enemy in the body with a blunt weapon. Allows you to knock the target to the ground, immobilizing for a while.

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