Final Fantasy XV guide — Travelling and transport

In Final Fantasy XV we are waiting for a big open world, and moving on it will require the use of transport. In this guide we will address the problem of travel across the expanses of the roads and the highly anticipated JRPG, that will be released at the end of the month.

You can move around the world on Regalia (machine) or rented chocobo (animal). Also in the game there is an option of fast moving. This option limits you last visited place. Moreover, during long trips in the car or on the Chocobo you will be charged an additional AP and experience points for various expenses. Roadrunning — AP for long trips in the car. Roadlife — gain experience for long trips in the car. Chocobump — AP for long trips on the Chocobo. And much more.

How to travel via Regalia

You can not drive any other car next to the Regalia. Long distances are not a problem for this car, but you do have some limitations and benefits for its use. It runs on gas and requires careful attitude.

  1. Go to the machine and interact with it to open the Regalia menu. There you can select automatic or manual mode.
  2. You can keep control of the car in an automatic mode and just enjoy the scenery.
  3. «Auto» option allows you to select a destination. It is the fastest way to get to any point on the map — regardless of the distance to it.
  4. Regalia can be updated. Toward the end of the game, you can even make it so that it will fly — the only mean of transportation in the air.
  5. Regalia is faster than Chocobo.
  6. Once you get a flying car, you have to practice takeoffs and landings, because you can die in an accident.

How to travel with a Chocobo

Chocobo is the best option for a short trip. These magnificent animals can walk, run, drift, slide, and even swim. One only nice sound, they interact with the rider, it can already be considered the reason for their use.

  1. To use Chocobo find Chocobo station and rent an animal. They are located near the parking lot or shopping and just marked on the map, if you are close to them.
  2. Chocobo can swim.
  3. You can call the Chocobo, where you want.
  4. You can increase the speed and endurance Chocobo just feeding him.

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