Guide to Death Stranding — how to listen to unlocked music


One of the most powerful aspects of Death Stranding is the soundtrack. This was clear from the trailers released before the release of the game. And after its release, it turned out that there are much more beautiful melodies. You do not choose where and when the music turns on during the passage of story missions. However, there is another way to listen to the collected tracks.

If you want to play music, then go to Sam’s apartment in any city available to you. Interact with the large monitor in the front of the room. Here you can view the map and emails. To listen to music, go to the music player and select the songs you want to play. You can stay in this room for as long as you like, listening to various tunes for days.

In turn, to unlock new songs, it is enough to continue playing the game. New tunes will open even as story quests are completed. This is a simple and cool way to reward players for their efforts!

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