Final Fantasy XV guide — 30 tips for maximum fun

30 tips for passing the FF XV — new Square Enix game, which is not recommended to skip for all fans of the jRPG genre and just great fans of game developer.

Do not pass the tutorial

It’s boring and unnecessary. Do you want to learn something — do it in practice. Follow somewhere or get involved in the battle.

Do not be afraid to miss some quest

FF XV went to the open world. Therefore, only one side missions here so much that you have no reason to run at breakneck speed all over the map, and convulsively to perform certain tasks. Operate more freely and even intuitive. If you have left unfinished any task, then do not worry because you can always go back to them. Put receive personal pleasure above games numbers or materialism.

Do not use too often rapid movement

When you are racing on a wide road, you might be tempted to use the function quickly move from one point to another. But you miss a weighty part of the world FF XV charm, if you start to include this feature too often. The long journey can really create the feeling that you’re in this journey. In addition, as a minimum, that you can skip — funny conversations between characters, listening to music on an old player and beautiful scenery.

Buy all of the disks

Every time you come to a new town or outpost, get there a man who sells CDs. Enrich your collection of them, or even better — buy a portable music player, if you want to listen to different music, not only being in the car, but moving on their two.

Talk to the owners of the restaurants

You see the fork and knife icon on the map? This is a restaurant. You can go there and talk to the owner. He will tell you about local attractions, feed delicious food and give the task of hunting monsters.

Unlock the healing and getting glasses for driving

One of the first skills that you have to unlock in the game, should be healed. Moreover, pay special attention to branches, where you can download driving and riding Chocobos. There is nothing better than that, and for these — just everyday moments, to receive bonus points.

Save manually

Automatic saving system, though reliable, but always are reinsured by hand. Especially if you’re going to go in the previously unexplored area or just another battle with the boss.

Block most blows

Tanking — it is, of course, spectacular. However, not always effective. So learn how to block and parry, so be nimble and mobile warrior.

Your weapon has a value

Different enemies have different strengths and weaknesses. Someone sensitive to swords, and someone hardest by daggers. Ignis — is able to analyze the vulnerabilities of your enemies. But the best thing you can do — focus on the color of the numbers of damages. Purple? Rival resistant to your attacks. White? Neutral. Orange? Damage until it stops — it is almost defeated.

Visually divide the enemy body parts

Pay attention to the feet, tails, fins and so on. You can catch the opponent on some individual and vulnerable points of the body, and then literally beat him a lot of punches for a few seconds.

Do not forget the magic

At first it may seem that the magic in the game is a valuable resource, and that it should be treated economically. But it is not so. Magic sources are relatively common, why you can find them next to any campground on the map. So do not fetter yourself. Services that be careful not zadente his teammates. For example, use pergruppirovanie Ignis to the whole force of the spell went to your enemies and not get into any of your best friends.

Do not hurry

It’s hard to enjoy anything, if you are in a hurry. Especially hard to do it in a project with an open world. Especially, when this project — the numbering of the FF.

Turn off HUD

The game world shows and diverse. However, you will appreciate the true beauty of it all is only turning off the HUD.

Do not sell the ascension of coins

FF XV does not give any hints about the fact that some items may be left, and what would be better to sell. This is problem. But listen to one piece of advice — do not sell ascension coins. The Altis is a guy who will allow you to use them more efficiently.

Read and watch

Learn all the posters, books, and inscriptions. They perfectly complement the overall ENT games. Especially if you do not do it, then it may miss some important plot twist.

Visit Altice arena

Altice was inspired by Venice. Accordingly, it is incredibly beautiful. Go to the Coliseum and play it there with the monsters. You get great pleasure.

Some quest lines better start even against their banality

Celebrities such as Cindy and mechanics professor Sonia can give you the tedious job. But once you overcome yourself and perform them as you will get an immediate installation to climb into the mysterious cave, which stand to suffer for the sake of their little tediousness. Cindy also offer some useful bonuses for your car.

Watch for dark areas on the map

There you have not been. So, some unexplored deep dungeons or dead disgusting creatures do exist.

Do stocks potions and resurrection

Potions for its healing properties to help you recover from a serious injury, but if you still killed, the Fall of the Phoenix — perhaps the only opportunity in the game to avoid the end. Noktis with your friends simply respawn and you will be able to continue the journey.

Put away the best food for the future

Take care of delicious steaks and other goodies for the serious battles, where you can get a lot of valuable items and even more experience points. Delicious food will also help you to become stronger.

Question marks

Each yellow question mark on the map — a new side quest. Sometimes they can be very difficult to find. Especially when you have researched all three areas of open world games. One way to greatly simplify the search — go to «Icons» and turn off all the icons on the map, you need except yellow.

After the end of the game to follow the imperial base in Laida

Then go and talk to Cindy. You will be a surprise.

Find Ezmo in Hunter Meldachio headquarters

After end of the game and perform all tasks in the optional dungeons get Ezmo. It can give you an answer on the little secret of prison, that may already plagued your mind.

Look for indicators of experience before going to bed

Staying overnight in a hotel, you get additional experience points. These bonuses prospects can greatly affect you. Meanwhile, being Altice does not pass by the hotel Exclusive Levayl. It is very expensive, but will give you a multiple experience.

Secret dungeon

Motivate yourself that somewhere on the map — among dozens of missions and hundreds of roads, there is some secret dungeon. It is up to the top packed with useful things, which are generally small in a video game can be found.

Do luring

On the map there are many places where you can quite easily throw bait fishing deep and calm. And if you are savvy enough, you can get your catch is truly colossal.

Do not ignore the camping

Nature, stars and fire great feature to ensure that even in the virtual world to forget about the real issues.

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