How to get the flying car in Final Fantasy XV?

Regalia Type-F in FFXV is a flying car. You can change both the appearance and internal parts. Get the same can only tell you a little spoiler, so if you do not want to know absolutely nothing about the history of FF XV, we recommend you refrain from reading of the guide.

First, you need to finish the storyline campaign. Simply put, go to the game. After that, you move back into the open world, where there will be visible consequences of your past activities. Ambre Call and ask you to return the past Lucis. Now you have a car. It’s time to improve its aircraft.

To do this, you need to capture three military bases that are thrown all over the map. Fermouth Garrison in northern Leide, Aracheole Stronghold in the south-east of Fort Vaullerey Lestallum and the south-west of the Old Lestallum. Do not see these objects can not be, since they are built entirely of concrete and so … well, let’s say, stronger than stand out other buildings. In each database you will find a specific part for your car. Having all three go to the Hammerhead and talk with Cindy, which must be installed on your vehicle you obtained all the bells and whistles. Explore the surroundings, be cautious when getting in and enjoy the moment. Something where you will find even hidden from unnecessary views prison.

Meanwhile, to manage this large object, you can only in the kingdom Lucis — where the crystal, and other marauders. But even in this area you will find many interesting attractions and beautiful scenery.

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