How to find and kill Kaktuara for getting experience in Final Fantasy XV?

Of course, it may at first seem a little strange that some little cactus is one of the most dangerous enemies in perhaps the most legendary RPG in the world — Final Fantasy. However, it is really uninteresting creature. Almost legendary boss, which is rare, but as they say, accurately.

This outlandish creature is of three kinds — Kaktuar, Slaktuar and Gigantuar. Something like the chain of evolution Pokémon, yes. Kaktuar and Slaktuar found in the same places. You can find them in Leide, but only to the north-west of the Hammerhead. Or go from Longwythe north. They also appear in Duscae and enemy base Perpetouss Keep. Most often they can be seen in the period of time from five in the morning until the afternoon.
In order to get one, follow one of the above locations. Then use a special item for the call, and then wait for a while. Finally, among the mobs will spawn Kaktuar or Slaktuar. Kaktuar try to get away from you, so do not delay and immediately begin his attack. Hardest of his daggers and pistols, while magic attacks with fire virtually no effect on him. All because Kaktuara strong resistance to any pyromania. However, the ice storm or use safely. Similarly, things and with Slaktuarom.

Slaktuara Murder will bring you 3333 experience points, which is not bad. Especially for a character with low pumping. Moreover, because Kaktuara or Slaktuara may fall Oracle Ascension Coins and Cactaur Needle. Oracle Ascension of Kaktuara buffs and is a great things to share with the merchant in Altissa. Cactaur Needle from Slaktuara though not as effective thing, but sometimes you will be required to improve the weapons of the type of machine from Sid.

Kaktura and Slaktuar much what similar, but the second is much less common than the first. And if you want to catch someone one, choose Slaktuara. Gigantuar — part of the quest for the hunt in the game, so much to go into details about his whereabouts, or capture is not necessary. You yourself will understand everything by themselves and figure everything out, why the impression you’d better not to spoil.

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