How to earn points in Final Fantasy XV?

This guide will help you to make your character stronger by earning points that you can do it better.

  1. The most basic way — pumping leveled. As soon as the stats of your character will grow, it will automatically start to get extra points. Kill enemies randomly found or go on a hunt for monsters to make the process more systematic and focused.
  2. Perform a job. At the end of each mission you will be charged a certain amount of points that you can spend on the opening of new faculties.
  3. Do not ignore the special conditions in that particular task. Their implementation will bring you bonus points.
  4. Interactive chat. Answer questions correctly and get the reward.
  5. Fishing.
  6. Camping.
  7. Fend enemy blows.
  8. If your opponent low on health, you can use it on special attacks.
  9. Get points you will need somewhere to spend. And has circulated the relevant skill in the skill tree you can, for example, earn points for a ride astride a chocobo or winning races with him.
  10. Prepare your favorite dishes to your friends.
  11. When your teammates offer you a strategy battle, you listen to them. Point for the team work has not been canceled.

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