How to fix Error 0xc000007b in Tom Clancy’s The Division?

Error 0xc000007b found in almost every new game, Tom Clancy’s The Division was no exception. In this article, we will examine all the ways to resolve this error.

How to fix Error 0xc000007b in The Division?

  1. The first thing we recommend before any other is to update the driver for your graphics card, especially if it is NVidia. Go to the official website of the manufacturer of your computer or laptop, or just on the website and find the driver for your graphics card. Download them, install and restart the computer. It is very likely that the Error 0xc000007b in Tom Clancy’s The Division will disappear.
  2. Reinstall DirectX from Microsoft’s websiteit can also afford to fix error initializing application 0xc000007b.
  3. Another possible cause of this Error 0xc000007b in Tom Clancy’s The Division — damaged or missing Net Framework or Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable. If something is wrong with these libraries, you may receive an error as described herein, as well as many others. Download these libraries can be free from the official Microsoft website.
    Free download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
    Free download Microsoft Visual C ++
  4. We hope the above methods can help you solve the error 0xc000007b in The Division.

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2 комментария
  1. Brian 11.03.2016 in 05:09

    I’ve tried this and hasn’t worked along with other «fixes», but this one seems to the regular since these steps have shown more often. Am I not reading between the lines and not doing something correctly? When I try to re-download DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft .NET framework; I get a notification that I am running the most current version and no other option. Not even for a repair… Please help.. 

  2. thiago 11.03.2016 in 06:25

    Estou com o mesmo problema, já fiz tudo isto e nada!


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