How to fix crashes in Tom Clancy’s The Division?

After The Division release many players faced the problem of game crashes and other errors. We present solution for this problem in the following steps:

Switch off Background Applications

In order to check compatibility of The Division with other games or applications be sure to disable all background applications. Don’t forget also to shutdown anti-virus / firewall software. Just press key combination CTRL + ALT + DELETE to open the task manager and then go to start-up tab. Restart your PC then and after checking the game be sure to turn on all needed applications.

Download the latest certified drivers for graphics card

Install all the versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable to your PC or Laptop

Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2012
Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2013
Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015

Be sure to install also the latest version of DirectX following this link:

Verify the integrity of your game files in Uplay

  1. Start Uplay.
  2. Select Tab ‘Games’ located at the window top.
  3. Find the game within library of your games.
  4. Choose «Properties».
  5. Choose option «Verify Files» under «Local Files».

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