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The Pinnacle of V for GTA 5 — world enhancement project, one of the new versions designed just to lift an already decent pictures. According to the author, he  made the picture not only more intense, but also reworked textures. In addition mod increases the population of Los Santos, adds realistic management, improves weapon damage to the environment and significantly changes the melee. GTA 5 fans on PC continue to work on a surprisingly cool modes, including graphics. A full list of features in archive. Note that the author has stopped its development this mod.

Download The Pinnacle of V

How to install The Pinnacle of V mod

  1. Download the most recent version of Reshade from here: (Download Reshade Framework)
  2. Extract the files somewhere safe, then copy them into your main GTA V directory.(DO NOT RUN MEDIATOR.exe)
  3. Download the latest ENB from here: free download ENBSeries for GTA 5
  4. Extract somewhere safe, then copy all of the files INSIDE the Wrapper Version folder, into your main GTA V directory.
  5. Download The Pinnacle of V and extract somewhere safe.
  6. Copy the Reshade file from downloaded archive, into your GTA V DIRECTORY, overwriting everything when asked.
  7. Copy the 2 enb files from download, into your main GTA V directory and overwrite everything when asked.
  8. (OPTIONAL) If you are already using the latest enb and reshade, simply follow steps 6. and 7. 

Watch a video with detailed installation The Pinnacle of V for GTA 5 on PC.

The Pinnacle of V Screenshots

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