How to change language in GTA 5 on PC?


Changing language in GTA 5 on PC is not as simple as it may not seem a glance. Unlike other games where this possibility is taken out as a separate adjustment and changes in game options, Rockstar Games for unknown reasons decided not to make this function in standard options. And therefore, you have to spend a little time with the registry files changing the language manually.

How to change language in GTA 5 on PC in details?

  1. Click on Start menu, right-click and open «Run» (or just click Start and select «Run»).
  2. Type command «regedit» and click OK.
  3. In the Registry window, locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder, select it, then look for a subfolder SOFTWARE => Wow6342Node (or Wow6432Node) => Rockstar Games => Grand Theft Auto V
  4. In the folder, Grand Theft Auto V, in the right column, you will find a file «Language» Registry — open it by double-clicking the mouse. Now you need to specify the language by writing it in English and confirm it by clicking «OK».

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