How to find rare and legendary pokemons in Pokemon Go?

Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go — the concept is very subjective.


Different types of Pokemon are found in various places. Moreover, their appearance depends on the time of day and the environment — ponds, parks and the like. Also, their position depends on the activity Ingress players — the last creators of the game Pokemon Go, in certain areas.

Moreover, you can use the Ingress app to track locations of Pokemon. Areas of cellular activity are the same as the Pokemon spawn point. So it is necessary to install Ingress to deliberately catch Pokemon packs.

Day cycle

To maximize thesearch it is advisable to choose a convenient route that can allow you to visit at least one or two PokeStops. Also it is necessary to look into the cafes / pubs in the morning and evening, to mark the 12-hour cycle of Pokemons. In the future, use this knowledge to capture Pokémon that appear only in the afternoon or at night.

However, be careful when and where you go. Activity in Pokemon Go may be accompanied by unpleasant encounters in dark alleys or findings not only Pokemons.

Lure Modules

Using Lure Modules or Incense from your inventory can bring you a variety of different Pokémon in your location.

Razz Berries

Razz Berries are beginning to appear on PokeStops after reaching level 8. Also, you can buy them in the store. You can throw them in a strong Pokemon you catch to catch him in PokeShare. They should be used in situations when, during a monster catching, circle has an orange or red color.

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