How to pump fast and gain experience in Pokemon Go?

Despite the fact that Pokemon Go — this is largely a simplified version of the traditional Pokemon games, the excitement around mobile title from acquired a global scale. And as this Pokemon, the development is going on on the classic RPG-model.

Your level is directly related to what Pokémon you can catch and how powerful they are. In addition, the higher your level, the more different Pokemon you can find in the wild.

How to gain experience in Pokemon Go?

Most of the key actions in Pokemon Go brings a certain amount of experience points. Most of all — for the capture Pokemon, which you have not fished. Considerably less experience you get for the capture of a friend Pokémon.

The easiest way to obtain experience points in Pokemon Go — Pharming of PokeStops. This location marked with a blue icon and is recharged in a few minutes. For verification of PokeStop you get 50 XP. If you find a place with a few PokeStop close – it is easy to walk between them, raking experience.

That’s how much the experience bring those or other actions:

100 XP — Caught Pokemon

500 XP — New Pokemon

10 XP — Twisted throw

10 XP — Good throw

50 XP — Excellent throw

100 XP — Perfect throw

50 XP — PokeStop Checking

100 XP — Fight with the coach in the Hall

150 XP — The victory over coach in the Hall

50 XP — Training victory over the Pokémon in the Hall

200 XP — Enduring Pokémon from eggs

500 XP — Evolving Pokemon

Moreover, you can get 2 times more experience for 30 minutes with Happy Egg, which is available in the store.

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