How to fix Errors and other Issues for Pokémon Go on Android and iOS?

Pokemon Go has already about 50 millions installs in just a week after the world release but there are many different problems, errors, bugs and issues in the application that we are going to solve in this article. So, we provide all possible solutions to the issues on the Pokemon GO.

How to fix Battery issues in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, there are now specific solutions that can help to fix battery issues so be sure only to turn on your battery saver application or just use Power Bank.

GPS Not working in Pokemon Go — solution

In case if your GPS goes off we recommend to use the next solution for fixing this bug, so, follow the recommendations below.

  1. Be sure to switch GPS option.
  2. Turn on Location Settings for the game.
  3. Set High/accurate mode to GPS.

Account gets Signed out in Pokemon Go — solution

Just wait for few minutes as it is server issue as they go down temporarily. Thus be sure to wait some time and then restart the game.

Disappearing Items and Coins in Pokemon GO — solution

The only solution to this issue is to restart your device.

Freezing Issues in Pokemon Go — solution

In case if you are Android user there are no chances to help you as we haven’t found solution to this problem yet. But in case if you are using the iOS device we recommend you to disable LTE option. Just follow the next path: Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data and turn LTE off.

Phone gets Over-heated while playing in Pokemon Go

Be sure to shut down all background applications that are working at the time of Pokemon GO launch. As you know the game need internet connection, GPS and that’s why it creates more burden on the device processor. Just give a little time to calm down and cool your device. Also be sure to turn on battery saver on.

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