How to fix errors, crashes and different issues in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has already become legendary but still some gamers have problems with it. In this article we presen all know solutions to errors, crashes and different issues in CS:GO.

Error messages on startup in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you face with the next messages:

  • «Disconnect: Server uses different class tables»
  • «Server is enforcing consistency for this file: particles\water_dx80.pcf»
  • «Invalid Steam key length»
  • «Client and server product versions do not match»
  • «The server you are trying to connect to is running a newer version of the game»

The only solution i to wait for the server update.

How to fix black screen in Counter-strike Global Ofensive?

1). If you have AMD FX processor (Bulldozer), you need to update the BIOS, and the problem will be solved.

2). Disconnect the built-in video and force the use of an external graphics card.

How to fix «connection failed after 4 retries» error?

1). Add all of the processes associated with hl2.exe as exception in your firewall.

2). Wait a bit and probably the connection will be restored.

3). Reconnect your Internet connection.

How to fix «Failed to lock index buffer inCMeshDX8 :: LockIndexBuner»?

Update your DirectX.

CS:GO is not currently available error – solution

  1. Restart Steam.
  2. Check the integrity of game cache.
  3. Go to the beta version of Steam in the settings.
  4. Delete files «AppUpdateStats.blob» and «ClientRegistry.blob» from Steam root folder.
  5. Reinstall Steam.
  6. Reinstall Windows.

How to fix font issues in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

1) Download the file text. Then put it in the directory> Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ csgo \ resource \ flash

2) You can make it easier! Go to the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ Fonts. Copy on the desktop Arial file and a second file called Tahoma. After that, go to D: \ GAMES \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ platform \ vgui \ fonts (your address to this folder may differ slightly) and copy these 2 fonts file in this folder with the replacement.

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