Need for Speed 2016 crashes during loading after choosing «Play» — solution

The release of Need for Speed 2016 also brought us some specific issues and problems as crashing during loading after choosing «Play». In this case the game start to launching but then it stops and the black screen appears with the following message: «display driver stopped responding and has recovered». Any universal solutions as drivers’ update, setting to lowest possible settings, switching to the windowed mode don’t help unfortunately.

Solution for Need for Speed 2016 crashes during loading after choosing «Play»

Actually this problem arises in players who have AMD Graphics Card. You should know that Radeon have ended support of 6000 series last year on November 24th, 2015. AMD Radeon 8000 Series, 7000 Series, 6000 Series, HD 5000 Series reached its peak performance optimization thus they were moved on legacy support model without special releases of drivers.

In case if you purchased the Need For Speed through Origin you may read Great Game Guarantee to refund your costs.

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  1. Omer 27.12.2016 in 21:11

    the fuck are we supposed to do then ? Some of us cant afford new GPUs you know.


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