Dead Star for PS4 Update Version 1.03 is Live, Full Patch Notes Within


Dead Star, one of the free PS Plus games on PS4 as part of April’s PS Plus offering, has a new update in the form of version 1.03.

Dead Star

The update is out now and ready to download. The good news is that it’s not going to steal away that much space on your hard drive as it’s only a small 184.9MB download. Good stuff.

So, what’s in Dead Star 1.03? The patch notes are down below for your perusal.

Dead Star 1.03 patch notes:


  • Herald – EMP Spark – added a small slowdown debuff to the EMP effect.
  • Warden – Fix for the Shock Launcher orb sometimes hitting targets twice.
  • Small balance tweaks to various ships.
  • Fixed light and Partick colors for some ships when they are on a Capital Ship Crew.


  • Fixed an issue where Level 1 Outposts would sometimes not responsible their Guardian AI units.
  • Removed “Defense Lockdown” invulnerability shield from level 4 Outposts.
  • Increased Turrets’ shield regeneration delay from 1s to 3s.
  • Capital Ship Escape Run:
  • Increased the chance of earning a Capital Ship Contract in normal match play and for Capital Ship Tactical Actions.
  • Improved the rewards earned for attacking Capital Ships.
  • Capital Ship Contract Rewards can now be restored by repairing Capital Ship node.
  • Reduced the Ore requirement for rebuilding a destroyed Capital Ship node.
  • Increased the delay between attack waves of Guardian AI in Capital Ship crisis sectors.
  • Reduced the overall health and shield regeneration rate for high level assassin Guardian AI in Capital Ship crisis sectors.
  • Added missing Jump count display in the Capital Ship Lobby.
  • Improved the visuals and audio for escape sequence.


  • Added support for unique Event alerts when players log into the service.
  • Various small bug fixes with menu flow.
  • Added an “Augment” indicator next to the Augment entry in the ship configuration menus.
  • Moved the Ace Pilot page to be the second page in the After Action report.


  • Added ambient audio to the front end.
  • Fix for Capital Ship music theme not playing in the Capital Ship Lobby.


  • Various stability and performance improvements.
  • The match start countdown is no longer paused while the teams are being balanced.
  • Modified the chance of maps containing an Event.


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