New details of updates «Gunrunning» for GTA Online: true or fake?

GTA Online

On the website 4chan appeared to be pretty interesting user under the nickname lewd Descendant of The FAGGOT who was able to share some details and clarifications about the upcoming update «Gunrunning».

It happened in the General thread gang GTAG. Descendant of The FAGGOT started to describe a fairly simple, rather conversational style that will be updating the «Gunrunning». From his comments we can highlight the following important details:

  • Update the «Gunrunning» GTA Online will be released in the coming weeks, if all goes as it should. A trailer for updates as details will be released next Friday.
  • The mission for «Gunrunning» will be similar to the mission of smuggling
  • Trevor, which we could already observe in single player GTA 5.
  • For the purchase of the warehouse and start the mission «Gunrunning», you’ll need the amount of three million dollars.
  • «Gunrunning» would not be so militarized as it might seem. The update will be more focused on a variety of SUVs and vehicles with mounted weapons. However, the update will bring into play well as new rifles and armored vehicles.
  • «Gunrunning» would be to concentrate more on the themes of survival and the arms trade than on military issues.
  • The update definitely will not be able to acquire an aircraft carrier. But those engaged in missions it will be.
  • Before the Supplement «Gunrunning», from the accounts of PC players will remove all the money that was obtained through fraud cheaters, and will remove the items bought with the money.

Also worth pointing out that there is this information before it became known about renewal of the branch «qabeta», which suggests the rather interesting arguments — Update the «arms Trade» for GTA Online already testing on the Steam servers. Frankly, Descendant of The FAGGOT is suspicious entity and its information can be both false and true. According to him, the official details on updating the «arms Trade» is out next week, so at this time, his information and pass inspection.


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  1. wieu jauc 07.06.2017 in 07:19

    Your comment*miyen

  2. AlyZhell 12.06.2017 in 23:39

    The update is confirmed to be coming out 13th June 2017 (tomorrow). Any status on the cracks, guys?

  3. Varró Kálmán 18.07.2018 in 16:28



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