What’s new in iOS 10.2 beta 5


On Friday, December 2, Apple has released the fifth iOS 10.2 beta for developers and users. In contrast to the two previous test releases, in which major changes were found, iOS 10.2 beta 5 has pleased with a couple of notable innovations.

Apple released iOS 10.2 beta 5, just four days after the release of the previous beta version of its new «OS». Such frequent updates run is explained as approaching the final version of iOS 10.2, and the desire to Apple’s developer to fix the last serious bugs. The fifth beta version of iOS 10.2 fixes two of these bugs.

At the end of November iOS discovered a critical vulnerability. Custom method eliminates the need for the protection of the iPhone and iPad password and Touch ID, and access SMS and photos on the device. In iOS 10.2 beta 5 «hole» was successfully covered up.

A few days before the web began to spread strange five-second video preview is with the iPhone and the iPad certainly led to crash of the gadget. Return the device to a working state only allows a forced reboot. The reason because of which of iOS-devices so strange to respond to the roller, the community has not been elucidated.

Thus, iOS 10.2 will bring with it not only new features and optimizations, but also fix critical bugs. The release of the update is expected in the near future.

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