iOS 9 is installed on 87% of Apple’s mobile devices


Release of iOS 10 is just in a few weeks, and iOS 9 continues to move towards the establishment of record on the number of covered devices. In its latest report on the prevalence of different versions of its mobile operating system, Apple has announced that the share of iOS among all iOS versions is now 87%.

1% growth

During three months of summer the share of iOS 9 among all iOS versions had increased by only 1%. Interesting fact: for first four months after the release of iOS 9 it was established on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by 75% of users.

Influence of iOS 10 beta versions

The reason for all summer share of iOS 9 among all versions of Apple’s mobile operating system by only 1% lies in effect of beta iOS 10. Test version of iOS 10 passed a huge number of developers and users. Moreover, after the finding that iOS 10 beta version is stable and fast, users have decided not to return to iOS 9, and continue to use the new features.

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