Google will update the traffic saving mode in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome

Despite the active development of mobile networks, the problem of insufficient Internet high-speed on the smartphone is still quite serious. Sites developers help partly to deal with it but only if their websites use special mobile versions. However, users can go the other way and set the browser to save traffic mode. Thus, it is possible not only to reduce the consumption of mobile traffic, but also increase the speed of pages download. This mode is also in the mobile version of Google Chrome. It allows to reduce bandwidth consumption almost in two times. Now the developers have managed to increase the mode effectiveness and now it allows you to spend more economical traffic.

The principle of traffic saving mode is quite simple. During loading of any page the browser will not load images and other «heavy» content. This not only speeds up the loading of pages on a slow connection, but also saves bandwidth. With the latest update, you can save up to 70% of incoming traffic.

Google will update the traffic saving mode in Chrome for Android

Chrome updates with improved Data Saver mode will be available in some countries very soon. The wave of updates begins from India and Indonesia, after which the update will start in other regions.

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