Information about the upcoming updates release dates for GTA Online


Most recently, on May 9, Rockstar Games has shared plans about the next update for GTA Online. There were no vague promises and everything was said quite clearly. But the exact date of the release was not given, because we all know that all the Rockstar developers are so cagey. They just informed the players that the nearest update will be «in the coming weeks and months.» You can read the approximate dates of the upcoming updates release below: 

  1. Patch that contains the new missions of the organizations will be available on Tuesday, May 24th. DLC still has the working title«Finance & Felony», but everything can change when it will be released. At least, the «Finance & Felony» title was given officially by the Rockstar. 
  2. In early June the new maps for the confrontation modes will be available. 
  3. End of June/beginning of July will be marked by an interesting addition tentatively called «Cunning Stunts Update». And it is a high time to release it, because all the players in the GTA do like to drive fast! Update will be presumably released before the Independence Day, July 4th. Many players are discussing the possibility of the arena for the tricks to be created, but unfortunately there are no supporting details of this. 

We follow the current news, and as soon as we learn something new, the message will be posted.  

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