Leaked new design PS Store?


Apparently, users of PlayStation is ready for a new design of the PS Store, which leaked last night.

According to the publication DualShockers and a few lucky users, some pages of the store at night opened with a new design, which was soon replaced by the old one. Probably a new version of the design is displayed together with the firmware 3.50 for the PS4.

Below screenshots.

146045_aWEUZdD9sY_1bf5729341aa56e1d59c701b4231d3b0 146046_T6rPSb6Pbq_25ebbe761090e276b60a32f14cf70c98 146047_oivLO6qZ6x_37b40972d443107f7da70dc7dd7bff2f 146048_GmbgaNALHw_90ba834185caff6237a90620210e9adc 146049_A36SSdTfTa_ad42c6da0280824558dbacccfd8ef4bf 146050_BHGqTqASj6_cede2026a62ef1d04b94cff731262952 146051_luCd6bSUgW_f1c8c74709938fdd324bc5401d34479c 146052_TBDwmOZ75o_f1f9658e1038de33a89b8b9c816d07e8

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