Microsoft will improve «live tiles» in Windows


Microsoft first introduced the «tile» interface in Windows 8 operating system. Despite the fact that since the release of this OS several years have passed and a new Windows 10, the concept of «live tiles» basically remained the same. However, in the future this may change.

Next week, Microsoft will hold the Build conference for developers in 2016, which, as it became known, will be given a separate session to present an updated «live tiles» for Windows 10. It is expected that April 1, Microsoft will show the long-awaited interactive «live tiles«, which were talked about for a long time. In the early rumors about Windows 10 it was mentioned that Microsoft is going to make the tiled interface is interactive, but it never happened.

Video: an early concept of interactive «tile» interface from Microsoft

The network has already appeared rumors about what Microsoft will do «tiles«. Most of the rumors boil down to the fact that the tiles will receive a special extra button, by pressing on which tile will unfold to form something like a mini-version of the application. Inside this large «tiles«, you can make basic actions that are being targeted by the program. It is also possible that Microsoft will be inspired by the concept of 3D Touch from Apple and enter something like gestures for quick calling functions in «tiles«. Anyway, we‘ll find out soon enough.

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