New update for GTA Online — version 1.16


New update (version 1.16) was released for GTA Online. Benny expands the business. The website offers now two new sports cars — Karin Sultan and Bravado Banshee. In the garage Benny can turn them into a real racing car — Karin Sultan RS (price — 12 000 GTA $) and Bravado Banshee 900R (price — 105 000 GTA $). The update also includes a new confrontation called «Dropzone», new clothes and tattoos.

The size of update for PS4 version— 688 mb, Steam version including patch 1.0.617.1— 450 mb.

Also Rockstar Games Social Club was updated to version — you can download it here.

Traditionally patch version 1.16 also includes an update for Valentine’s Day, which includes an updated version of Roosevelt vehicle and new clothes. Valentine’s Day 2016 Update will be unlocked until February 12.

GTAV Title Update 1.32 Notes

Download patch 1.0.617.1 for GTA 5 on PC

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  1. joe 28.01.2016 in 15:25

    this fucked up my rage plugin hook BOO
    not supported anymore WTF

    • SomoneWhoActuallyKnowsAboutModdingGTAV 28.01.2016 in 15:29

      Just wait for it to be updated…it will probably take a day or two max.

      • joe 28.01.2016 in 15:38

        so the New GTA version is V1.0.617.1 and Script hook v currently supports 1.0.573.1, this is GTA,S fault though it updated right after i got done modding a file and now i cant test it !!!

      • lachlan 29.01.2016 in 15:37

        is the new on out yet or not

        • warrior 02.06.2019 in 19:18

          of course yes!!

  2. WHYY 28.01.2016 in 15:28

    Pay big tax to unlock upgrades? U foking w0t *star?

    • joe 28.01.2016 in 15:34

      and i did pay for the game BTW, did not pirate

  3. Scare 28.01.2016 in 23:53

    No new clothes and tattoos in this update, Only the Karin Sultan RS the Bravado Banshee 900R and the Dropzone mode.

  4. gtavblood 30.01.2016 in 16:50

    Lol @ anyone complaining that they can’t use mods. Just play the game

  5. Frikkie 23.02.2016 in 18:24

    Listen my ps4 says the update is 9.1 GB What the Fuck????

  6. Yildo 24.02.2016 in 00:24

    Me too

  7. Yildo 24.02.2016 in 00:25

    Me too 9.113 gb update is thst not much 
    İt’s my fırsat time gta online


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