No paid DLC for No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Ambitious No Man’s Sky from Hello Games wants not only to be something new and unusual, but plans to use outdated and not sufficiently profitable business model.

The studio does not really want to introduce microtransactions or releasing DLC for an additional fee. This was explained by the ubiquitous Sean Murray in an interview:

We want to add a ton of objects, such as cargo ships, bases, and other things of this kind, but we want to do it for free. Customers have already paid for the game, so they do not have to pay more to have the content. So there will not be paid DLC, only patches.

No Man’s Sky debuted yesterday on PlayStation 4 and will be released tomorrow, August 12, on the PC. In all likelihood, the studio will be occupied by the error correction in the next few days, so that new content will not appear in the coming weeks.

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