Rockstar wants to add Liberty City in GTA 5 Online?


Internet was furious again after stuffing of Adrian Page artistic portfolio, who is an employee of Rockstar from 2011. In particular, his work has been linked with the fifth part of the franchise, but the majority of fans still managed to find an interesting clue — the image, referring players to the fourth part of the series, where the action took place in Liberty City.

Fans of the game series immediately divided into two camps, either Rockstar is working on a addition that will allow players to revisit the legendary Liberty City, or the Company is preparing a remastered fourth part of GTA. However, knowing the Take-Two’s position regarding the reissues, the second option is difficult to call likely.

By the way, Rockstar desire to expand the territory of the online version of the game was known even before the release of the fifth installment of the series, so you can expect something new soon.

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