The Elder Scrolls Online — One Tamriel: Companions ‘til the End

The Elder Scrolls Online

Nothing is better than traveling and adventuring alongside friends and family in The Elder Scrolls Online, and experiencing Tamriel together. Whether you currently find yourself questing with veteran players from different alliances, or are welcoming new friends to Tamriel for the first time, the freedom unlocked in One Tamriel makes ESO more social, more fun, and easier to enjoy great experiences together.

As MMO players, we’ve all spent time over the years convincing a friend or family member to join us in our favorite games only to face the fact that we have to create another low-level alt to keep the grouping and combat experience fun for everyone.

One Tamriel eliminates this troublesome aspect with its worldwide level-scaling. Now even the most experienced player can join heroes fresh out of Wailing Prison (the tutorial), and the entire group will still have a sense of challenge, no matter their level or enemy. Everyone earns experience and gets to show off their skills and upgrades – it remains a fun social experience for all involved.

And One Tamriel works the other way too – your level 2 friend can now join you on excursions to some of your favorite (formerly) high-level areas. You can take them on a tour of the deepest jungles and forests of Malabal Tor. Or, maybe your new-to-ESO friend is fresh off a replay of Skyrim Special Edition and wants you to show them the farthest reaches of Eastmarch as it exists in The Elder Scrolls Online. No problem! Even at level 2 they will be able to fight alongside you, anywhere in Tamriel.

With our Free Play Weekend currently running on Xbox One, this is the best time ever to have your friends and family join you in Tamriel – for free! All they have to do is download The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited directly onto their Xbox One, create an account, and they’ll be questing right next to you in no time.

As an added bonus, the “Trip of a Lifetime” giveaway will be open to all our Free Play Weekend players as well! Just like you, all they have to do is play the game and head to the official sweepstakes website to register for their chance to win one of five incredible trips to exotic destinations around the world. We’re not saying they’d have to take you as a “thank you” for getting them into ESO if they win, but you never know…

So grab a friend or family member and invite them to join you in Tamriel, right now! Sit back in your favorite chair or couch, get your headsets and mics ready, and prepare for an epic run of fun with you closest friends in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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